Resourceful living, food-from-scratch & home gardening.

Hi, I’m Brooke! I’m so glad you found me. I love finding use out of everything, creating healthful & delicious from-scratch recipes, and home-gardened foods. I hope you enjoy this glimpse into our beautiful, resourceful life.

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt


Sourdough Cinnamon Marble Bread

Cinnamon marble bread – like cinnamon swirl bread, but more…swirly? This bread is yet another favorite breakfast bread, mildly sweet and tangy with the health benefits of sourdough and 30% whole wheat. It’s a family favorite! A few things you need:  An active sourdough starter (if you don’t have one, you can order one from […]

Sweet Almond Cardamom Sourdough Bread

Ready to make some fancier breads with your sourdough? We love a good, sweet and tangy sourdough bread for breakfast and this one (or a variation of it) has been making it into our weekly meal rotation a lot, lately! This bread is mildly sweet, fluffy, and reminiscent of a European bakery – you will […]

The Favorite Red Enchiladas 

Today I’m sharing one of those easy, could-eat-this-3x in a week kind of recipes. These are my favorite enchiladas of all time, so, naturally, they’ve made it into our regular rotation of meals. We love them!  This recipe was inspired by a New York Times chilaquiles recipe, which introduced me to cooking with rehydrated guajilo […]


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